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Episode 1. Dead Energy. A High Tech High Energy Romp Through A World Without Oil, By R. Watts It isn’t often I get a book from a new author and actually enjoy it. So I was a little uncertain about this one, with its balls-to-the-wall opening scenario, because I was afraid it might be like that all the way through, all action and little thought. But I needn’t have worried. Mr. Corkill has shown he has the chops to write some of the best science fiction around. I wasn’t far into the book before I was totally hooked, and had a hard time putting it down. I am absolutely looking forward to his next one. Two thumbs up!!!
From Bookviral, for Episode 2, Cold Energy. Now available. It’s a breathless race against time in Cold Energy, the new novel from author James M. Corkill.  The second novel to feature Alex Cave, Corkill is certainly mastering the art of suspense whilst demonstrating his ability to craft a well-researched and intriguing plotline. Yes, the main event requires the suspension of disbelief, but Corkill cleverly tempers this with fact that creates a genuine sense of authenticity, rapidly building intrigue and tension amongst his characters. Certainly, a highly engrossing tale that fans of Clive Cussler and the late Tom Clancy will enjoy, but Corkill has his own distinctive style of writing. He definitely doesn’t spare the action. Alex Cave undoubtedly shines throughout, but every hero needs a villain and Corkill serves up a delightfully wretched individual in John Dieter who proves an able catalyst for the jeopardy that abounds. As a sequel, Cold Energy works really well and undeniably hints of exciting releases to come from author James M Corkill. It is highly recommended.


Dead energy 308x492


When the Americrude tanker left Valdez Alaska, she was filled with 12,000 tons of heavy crude oil. When it enters the Puget Sound in Washington, the oil mysteriously vanishes without a trace. The Coast Guard cannot find an oil spill, and the corpses of the crew are discovered frozen in the snow on a mountain one hundred miles away.

Soon panic grips the Pacific Northwest when the oil in the Alaska pipeline and west coast refineries vanishes without a trace. Transportation of basic necessities cannot reach the cities, and common citizens turn to primal instincts to survive.

The only clue Alex has to work with is a dollar size crystal found in the hold of the empty oil tanker. Can Alex and his friends solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will the United States succumb to DEAD ENERGY.

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4.8 out of 5 stars


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Cold energy 1 front-page 300x480EPISODE TWO.

When the Polar Ice Sheet mysteriously expands by thousands of square miles, the sudden freezing temperature begins to alter the weather patterns on a global scale. At the same instant, an earthquake destroys the City of Victoria Canada, and awakens the sleeping Mount Baker volcano north of Seattle.

Alex joins the owner and scientists on the research ship, Mystic, who had accidently activate a mysterious device deep in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. Soon they discover that another strange device has been activated in the Arctic Ocean, and is causing the increasing size of the Polar Ice sheet. If it continues, the world will enter a new ice age.

Will Alex and the scientists succeed and save the planet? Or will humanity be extinguished by COLD ENERGY.

Amazon Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars


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Available at these locations. Just click below now.

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Also available in Paperback on Amazon.



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